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Prostate cancer canada news

Our institute was established by Prof.

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Dr István Karády in Prior to this, Dr. Karády specialized in internal medicine and neurology and published in German, English and Hungarian. Of note, he wrote the seminal Pathophysiology book in Hungarian, a work which was used by generations.

prostate cancer canada news

Not one to rest on his domestic achievements, Professor Karády accepted numerous visiting chairs at prestigious universities throughout Western-Europe, Canada and in the United States. His most fruitful collaboration lasted for decades with Professor János Hans Selye, one of the most influental researchers in the field of life sciences.

Selye was nominated for the Nobel-prize seventeen times.

prostate cancer canada news

Unfortunately, the Nobel Prize prostate cancer canada news Dr. Selye due to his strenuous rejection of contemporary Eastern-European establishments; his mother having been killed by gunfire during the Hungarian Revolution, in János Lonovics, Dr.

András Prókai and Dr Eleonóra Zsilinszky. Later, Prof. Following the passing of Professor Karády, Professor Lázár served as a head of the department for a year in With a career spanning already over 50 years, he is a well-known researcher of inflammation, a most revered teacher and a famous author of several textbooks on pathophysiology.

prostate cancer canada news

Having gained training in a Harvard University affiliated hospital, he now works as associate professor in the Interventional Radiology Department of the Moffitt Cancer Center. In Professor Gyula Telegdy accepted the chairmanship of the Department and this date represents a milestone in the development of the institute. Under his direction, our department has become recognized internationally. He also established several fruitful collaborations with leading researchers from all over the world.

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The most notable collaboration partners are Professor Egon Diczfalusy, Professor David de Wied and Professor Andrew Viktor Schally, with whom Professor Telegdy or his colleagues published 9, 64 and 51 full papers, respectively. All of the aforementioned scientific partnerships meet the highest standards in peer-reviewed science and resulted in 2 patents as well.

prostate cancer canada news

Professor Diczfalusy who received his medical degree in Szeged gained the mentorship of Nobel-laureate Professor Albert Szent-Györgyi. Inhe emigrated to Sweden, where he quickly became the leader of the Division of Clinical Chemistry in the Karolinska Institut with the help of the Nobel-laureate Hans von Euler-Chelpin.

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It was Professor Diczfalusy, who, with contribution of researchers from Szeged e. Professor Telegdy and Professor Bártfai formulated the concept of the feto-placental-unit.

prostate cancer canada news

Later, he became a world-famous endocrinologist, the first to realize the activity of neuropeptides. He and Roger Guillemin a protégé of Dr Selye established the much sought after link between the central nervous system and the endocrine organs.

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Since then, Dr. Following the retirement of Professor Telegdy the department was lead for almost two decades by Professor Gyula Szabó, a DSc of the HAS, who established himself as a distinguished prostate cancer canada news on alcohol abuse and the impact of neuropeptides on drug addiction. His work was acknowledged by several invitations to scientific institutions in the United States such as the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center and the National Institutes of Health.

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Professor Szabó took the lecturing and teaching of students to the next level in our department. Now the neuroendocrine research programs are being lead by Dr habil. Dr habil. Dr Ferenc Jolesz Under his directorship our curriculum has been being extensively revised and synchronized with the material addressed by partner institutions.