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Benign prostatic hyperplasia radiology


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    Among others the most frequent are the psychiatric symptoms. These symptoms are also the most frequent reasons of non-compliance and early cessation of treatment which can be avoided with rapid recognition and adequate treatment. Therefore, the early recognition of the psychiatric symptoms is of high importance.

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    They also present the evaluation method for the questionnaire, which makes the evaluation of the data easier for non-psychiatrist doctors as well. Between September and July all interferon treated patients who also had psychiatric consultation filled in the questionnaire.

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    The number of patients was Authors set up a decision-making algorhythm for the evaluation, so the non-psychiatrist doctors were able to judge whether a psychiatric consultation was needed as well as its urgency.

    With the data of 26 interferon treated patients who all went through a psychiatric benign prostatic hyperplasia radiology during a 10 months period, authors discuss their first experience, going into details in the three false positive and the two false negative cases.

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    They also suggest to carry it further research with more patients to strengthen the results.